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Meet the Pets

I love hearing all about the animals that I am lucky enough to draw. Learning about their personalities, traits and lives helps me to create a better likeness and capture the soul of the animal.

You are welcome to provide me with stories and information about your pet, or the reason behind the commission. Read on to learn about the animals so loved by some of my clients.


Olly & Tansy

I had the pleasure of drawing these two gorgeous cats recently.


"Sadly, Olly (left) recently passed, and Tansy is missing him dearly.

Olly would love to fetch his ball and pick up the mail just like a dog and Tansy likes to sit in the window and watch the people go pass. She also loves to sun-bathe."

Kylie Alfie.jpg

Alfie & Kylie

From the same household as Olly and Tansy above, Alfie & Kylie were a following commission - using the same size portrait and frame we were able to create portraits that worked together. Sadly, both birds have passed away, so this was a special memorial portrait.


"Alfie used to love to sing and dance along his perch. He would also love to hit his red seed box so that it would swing round and he would then duck under it. Kylie used to love to answer the phone or doorbell, if she heard the phone ring she would call out hello and if the doorbell rung she would shout out, who is it?"

Gina  watermarked.jpg


This memorial portrait of Gina was a joy to draw with that beautiful expression.

"Gina was born in Lanzarote, Spain, was going to be a police sniffer dog but because she was so friendly she failed her assessment! She then ended up with her first owner who unfortunately beat her - she ended up in a dog pound because of this. She lived in Lanzarote for 2 years until my husband drove from Lanzarote, through Spain, Germany & France to bring her to England.
When I first met Gina, I had to teach her English commands - there was always a on going joke that Gina was and will always be more bilingual than I am!"



This is Clove, one of my own rescue cats! She will be turning 2 in June 2021 and is such a character. She has a very loud voice and has no shame in asking for food constantly! She's at her happiest when snuggled up with either of her humans, and will chase sticks in the garden like a dog!

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