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Frequently Asked Questions


1) How do I order a commission?  

Please contact me via the contact form, e-mail or message me on my Facebook page!

2) How long does it take to finish a commission?

That really depends on the size and material used. A miniature portrait will usually take around 10 hours, and the largest size around 30 hours.

3) When should I order a commission?

Try to contact me at least 6 weeks before you want the portrait finished. Towards December, try contacting me earlier!

4) How do you price your commissions?

I try to keep prices as low as possible so that everyone can have the opportunity to own a unique portrait. I price according to an hourly rate, whilst taking into account material costs.

5) How do I pick the right picture for a commission?

Please take a look at this blog post where I talk all about reference pictures!

6) Can you frame my picture?

Your portrait will arrive mounted to a standard frame size, so it is easy for you to purchase a frame. It is recommended that you visit a professional framer for the best finish however.

7) Can I commission a picture of any animal?

Of course - just let me know which animal you'd like me to draw and I can send you some compositions. This is a nice way to have your favourite animal up on the wall, exactly as you want it.


1) How can I buy an original drawing?

Please e-mail or fill in the contact form to enquire about an original drawing. 

2) How long have you been drawing for?

I have been drawing wildlife and pets occasionally as a hobby for about 10 years, but started offering pet portraits professionally in 2019!

3) What materials do you use?

I use lots of different materials depending on the type of reference photo and picture that my client wants. My main tools are coloured pencils and pastel pencils (various brands). I don't "specialise" in one, because I love the variety! All the materials that I use are professional quality & lightfast approved.

4) Do you draw humans?

I have decided not to offer portraits of humans, and instead focus on all the other members of the animal kingdom! There are hundreds of amazing human portrait artists out there to choose from!

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