Commission Process

What to expect....

1. Have a browse  through the galleries and decide whether you'd like a black & white or colour portrait. I'm happy to give my opinion if you want it!

2. Fill in the contact form  or e-mail to let me know you're interested in commissioning a portrait

3. We'll discuss your options - you can send over as many reference photos as you like if you can't choose your favourite, and we'll decide together.  If you've chosen a colour portrait you can click here to view all of the background colour options currently available!

Once the photo and size of the portrait has been chosen, we'll establish whether this is a gift - and if so, what the deadline is. Please also let me know if you want the portrait mounted and/or framed.

4. Please pay the 30% deposit to secure the commission - you are on the waiting list!

I will let you know when I've started the portrait. You will receive updates via e-mail / messenger  as the drawing progresses, so you can make sure you are 100% happy with it. 

5. If you have chosen to have the picture mounted and framed, I will send you some design ideas and we can choose the framing that best suits the portrait. I will then order it (this can take a week or more to arrive as it is bespoke)

6. The portrait is finished! I'll send you a picture so you can make sure you're completely happy. I'll then package the portrait securely, and post it via 24 hour Tracked delivery to your door / address of choice! Enjoy!

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